Vapor 12’6 | inflatable SUP

12'6 x  33″ x 5″  VAPOR


Vapor inflatable SUP race nose for added glide.

Ready for loads of fun?
Time to pump it up a bit and jump on a Signature Vapor inflatable SUP. Includes advanced removable back fin system, double-action pump, deluxe carry bag with wheels for easy transport- simply add water, family, pets and fun.

The Vapor range can be paddled in a variety of conditions…
From Flat-water to waves in rivers & in down winders. The all-round strength, stability & durability of these boards is astounding.


In the Range we have a 9’0 for the ladies or lighter riders, a 10’6 for riders looking for added stability & a 12’6 which is great for racing/touring or any form of distance paddling


If we take a closer look at the robust PVC exterior of these boards you will see hundreds of dimples spread from nose to tail. Each of these dimples represents an internal thread or drop stitch which aids in even air distribution, allowing for a much stiffer core.

The deck-pad on the Vapor range consists of Crocodile skin combined with diamond grip in the standing area, an ideal blend of comfort & traction

Wanting to create a similar feel to that of a composite board without compromising the ease of use of an inflatable, we chose the removable US Fin Box system with 8 inch removable back fin and small fixed side fins.

The reinforced neoprene carry handle is super comfortable! It’s perfectly centered on the boards making them easy to maneuver when out of the water

At the front of each board is a set of elastic tie downs… great for securing & transporting objects on the deck of your board whilst paddling

With padded chest & shoulder straps as well as wheels the compact Vapor Range travel bag makes transporting your board that much easier


Each package include a 2 piece fiberglass adjustable paddle with a rubber type blade for added protection when learning or riding in rocky areas. * countries may have different packages so please check with your local dealer.

Double action pump with meter gauge to measure the pressure- recommended pressure = 1Bar.

If you are doing a lot of traveling, or don’t have suitable storage or transport capabilities and are looking for that one board that can do it all then the Vapor Inflatable range is for you


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