Time to SWITCH it up…

THE SIGNATURE SWITCH next level wing board, created By Riders4riders for advanced wing boarding.

Multi purpose wingboard. Use for prone foiling when no wind, add a Sonic inflatable wing when the wind picks up and when it gets stronger eject the foil + insert the fins and go fly with your wing. Great behind a boat, for teaching surfing and more.

Just some of the key features:
Hard rails to assist with better upwind ability, deep spine concave for direction + early planing.

Diamond Inverted Tail for better upwind beating.

Anti slip diamond EVA deck pad. Multi position Foot-strap inserts.

3D Calculated Volume distribution that enables quick planing speed without adding unnecessary additional board length.

x4 Parallel Fin set up with specially designed carbon fins for added direction + speed.

+ Lots more features to make this the ultimate wingboard.

** SWITCH is currently only available in South Africa in custom production. Due for global release 2021.


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