THE FUTURE has arrived – Signature Surf Collection showcases the best of performance intermixed with stylish look and detailed features. After testing this board its fast becoming one of our favorite shortboards designed for fun plus down the line speed

The Future has Planing parallel rails which results in added speed and to supplement the speed especially when turning we’ve combo-ed a sharper nose which helps for clean release of rails preventing the nose from catching.

Double concave for early planing and quick acceleration. Moving towards the tail you’ll notice a single channel which allows for clean water flow.

Great as a Quad fin set up or alternatively can be ridden as a Twin fin keel set up. Tail features a double diamond design which acts as a pivot point when turning.

Perfect volume displacement so great for lighter or heavier riders alike.

Without a doubt a board that should be part of every surfers quiver.

Sizes: 5ft2 – 6ft4

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