44″ x 9″ SUGAR

There is a certain finesse and intuition that longboards bring to skateboarding. We appreciate that not everyone wants to bomb down hills or race their mates. The simple pleasure in just cruising on a skateboard is often lost in the continuous drive for better performance. Signature’s Sugar skateboard is designed by riders for riders. Whether cruising to your local mall or styling down the beachfront with friends, the cool design will absolutely turn heads wherever you go. If you’re looking for the perfect surfing cross training platform, Signature’s Sugar skateboard is one sweet ride. Get on board!

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41.25″ x 9.6″ STYLER

Borrowing an aesthetic from a bygone era; when days were spent chilling on the beach, hitting the surf and then cruising down the beachfront, Signature’s Styler skateboard not only brings back memories, it also creates new ones. The Styler is a bohemian board that connects your mood with your mode of transport. When you’re amped and you want to charge, the Styler will roll as fast as you can go, but when you are chilled and just want to cruise and take in the scenery, the Styler will be there for you. More an extension of your personality than just a skateboard, the Styler not only draws neat lines, it also draws attention. Being noticed is often more about who you are than what you do and Signature’s Styler Skateboard lets you leave your mark wherever you go.

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32″ x 9.75″ FISH

Surfing the road can often be the ultimate ride. The connection between surfing and skateboarding is so close we decided to add a board to the range that would allow a similar feel as when riding a wave. Three layers of bamboo with two layers of Canadian maple for added strength and low flex. Kick tail and medium concave deck for added control. Sandblasted deck with fresh graphics make the Fish the perfect board for ripping up side streets and bowls. No waves no problem, jump on the signature Fish and leave your mark.

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27.75″ x 8.25″ SKOOL

Ask us how to spell fun and we’ll say  S k o o l. Signature’s Skool Skateboard is a reminder of those halcyon early days when skateboarding was invented. Featuring a classic shape from the 1960’s that’s been fast-forwarded into the future with state of the art materials and construction. Dropping in your half pipe, skating the local park or simply cruising with your friends, the Skool will teach you how to have fun. Go ‘old’ skool and just cruise or ‘new’ skool and invent new tricks. Small enough to go anywhere with you and big enough to be ridden by anyone, Signature’s Skool will be the go-to board in your quiver.

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