Who we are

From the heart of surf mecca Hawaii,  to skate capital of California, across the ocean to wild Africa – Welcome to the exciting story of Signature Performance Gear.

Little did we at Signature realize that living in the above 3 places & meeting key people at each area, would ultimately become essential ingredients when it came to creating a unique and authentic lifestyle sports brand. For the founders, Ivan & Nathan van Vuuren, and those now part of the Signature family, everyday life consists of creating, innovating, and producing surf, skate, SUP + foil boarding products for families around the world to enjoy.

More than just the best performance products, SPG is about people, from different walks of life, beginners to pros, young and old, with the love to express life through riding.


A few of the many faces

Our History

Over the past 30 years Ivan and his family have established and been involved in many surf, skate, SUP, and production companies including;

Wild Banana Surf designs, Coreban SUP,  Country Rhythm Surfboards, Ethos Skateboards as well as Premier Hawaii, rated by Discovery as one of the worlds leading extreme sports production companies.

Establishing Premier Productions in Hawaii 1996, was key in not only documenting the worlds top water sports athletes pioneering new frontiers, but also connecting with many that are now a part of the Signature brand.  The passion to produce quality continues into the very heartbeat of every Signature product, as together with top designers and riders, revolutionary performance products are created for you to enjoy your ride.

By Riders 4 Riders

Signature is made up of legendary designers, shapers, world champions, athletes, and new school innovators that have & are, “Leaving their mark”.

When you join the Signature family, know that each product you purchase has been specifically designed with excellence for you to enjoy + to help take your riding to a new dimension.

With this, we realise that there’s a lot of tech talk, construction methods + different tech language used  that may vary in different countries so please feel free to ask us any questions you may have.

As we ride together on waves, roads, and life we look forward to the exciting journey ahead. So wherever your path may take you, join us and….

“Enjoy the ride”
Team Signature








Design & Testing


Waterman, Nathan van Vuuren, was born + raised on Maui, Hawaii and has cultivated a stoke for ocean sports. Nathan has spent more time in shaping bays & with top designers than most athletes will have in a lifetime.

Creativity, innovation and design run through his veins as he spearheads the new school sports arena both on and off the water. 

Global Production

James Leigh

James, “Jimbo” Leigh from South Africa, an avid surfer, foiler, wingsurfer and all round waterman

James heads up the Signature global production & Signature team as they redefine the future, pushing beyond the boundaries of current designs, helping take riders around the world to a new level of riding.




Over 30 years of working with the worlds best shapers, designers, inventors and athletes, Ivan (a former professional waterman for 20 years, & award-winning film maker) adds the innovative touch as he takes the dreams & concepts and turns them into a living, functional reality .


Genevieve Leigh
Global Media

Genevieve, water-girl, surfer, longboarder, and passionate skateboarder heads up the Signature media production.

Spearheading award winning TV shows that feature SPG into 171 countries and overseeing social media platforms along with her creative skills, without a doubt keeps SPG cutting edge, relevant and informative for 1000’s viewers around the world.


Geoff Cox
Flight Engineer

Geoff Cox “GC” is a waterman of note, world class cinematographer, and heads up SPG’s foil design department. He ensures that Signature stays on top of the performance foil game while fuelling his passion for unique foil designs. 

Karin van Vuuren
Customer Support

At SPG we try our best to offer a pleasant experience and value each customer that joins the Signature family. 

Who better to have behind the scenes than Karin, who when not on the water or assisting customers, is out filming and capturing breath taking images that are featured on TV networks and in publications around the world. 

Nicki Carstens
Board R&D

Anything to do with water, Nicki is the man- Master craftsman, shaper, designer and a former world champion athlete, Nicki heads up the composite Research & Development board HQ.


Got any great photos or video from around the world? Drop us a line and share the stoke with the Signature family…